press release

Michael Bublé and Cirka Distilleries partner to launch new whiskey brand “Fraser & Thompson”

Montreal, Quebec, Canada — October 25, 2023 — Grammy-winning, multi-platinum superstar entertainer, Michael Bublé and Cirka Distilleries, the renowned Montreal-based grain-to-bottle spirits maker, proudly announce their partnership and launch of Fraser & Thompson Whiskey. Appealing to both whiskey connoisseurs and those new to the world of whiskey, Fraser & Thompson delivers a uniquely complex flavor through its surprisingly approachable blend of Canadian whiskey and American bourbon. Fraser & Thompson is initially available in select US States and online. Additional markets; including Canada, will follow shortly.

Fraser & Thompson Whiskey originated from a fortuitous connection between Michael Bublé and Paul Cirka, founder and master distiller at Cirka Distilleries, in the early days of the pandemic. Their partnership evolved into a shared vision to create a truly exceptional whiskey that embodies their passion for craftsmanship and quality. The pair teamed up with WES Brands and tapped into their experience, knowledge and industry success. After years of conversations, shared ideas and product variations, Fraser & Thompson Whiskey was nurtured into existence.

“For some time I’ve expressed a desire to sit with my fans in an intimate moment and share a glass of whiskey. To have an opportunity to develop my own brand is nothing short of thrilling,” said Michael Bublé. “Paul and I have a shared sense of creativity, I'm excited for the future of Fraser & Thompson.”

"At Cirka Distilleries, our goal has always been to craft memorable spirits that showcase our regional diversity and tell a story" said Paul Cirka. "The opportunity to collaborate with Michael Bublé on Fraser & Thompson has been exhilarating. Michael’s creativity and dedication to quality has driven the vision for this project and we are really excited to be able to partner with him."


Cirka Distilleries has earned a prestigious reputation as Quebec's premier grain-to-bottle distillery, setting a standard for excellence in the industry. Cirka’s commitment to using the finest locally sourced grains has resulted in a collection of exceptional spirits that have garnered numerous coveted international awards. From their masterfully crafted gins to their uniquely smooth vodkas that define character, to their complex whiskies that exemplify the best of Canada, Cirka Distilleries' portfolio showcases a diverse spectrum of flavors to satisfy the most discerning palates. A proud recipient of numerous awards and accolades, our incredible spirits that caught Michael's attention can be tasted at the distillery open to the public and are available at retail locations throughout Quebec at the SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) stores.