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The best cocktail fantasy you'll ever experience. Don't be shy your secret is safe with us.

2 oz Passion Liqueur
1 oz Vodka Terroir
1/2 oz Lillet Aperitif
A single drop of Orange Angostura bitters

Assemble all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice and shake. Pour into a pre-chilled martini glass while using a fine filter.
Place a single drop of bitters in the centre. Garnish with a citrus twist and a kiss with red lipstick.

Turn down the lights and enjoy ultimate pleasure!

passion liqueur

sunrise mimosa

Begin your brunch, end your party, ring in the new year, enjoy an evening without the kids. This cocktail is suitable for all occasions. Let's party.

2.5 oz Passion Liqueur
Top with Cava, Prosecco or other bubbly wine
Splash of grenadine 
Lime wheel  

In a tall glass start with Passion, add the grenadine and top with bubbles and enjoy!

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