Chili Vodka

Chili Vodka

Turn up the heat to 40,000 Scoville with peppers sourced from Turkey, Peru and Mexico. We scoured the world to create our secret blend of hot peppers. With bold smoky flavour, soft fruity notes and intense heat, our chili vodka is truly an ode to the unexpected.

ALC/VOL : 40%
BASE : 100% local Québec corn

NOSE : A wonderful spicy bouquet with smoky and fruity notes

PALATE : The heat gradually grows before making way for the smoky and slight fruity notes. There is a long persistence with a finish on the smoky side.

A must have to take those Bloody Caesars to the next level. Or even try using in place of mezcal or tequila in cocktail recipes!

NOTE: We cannot ship alcohol products to Quebec addresses.