Folklore is a rich blend of our distilled Yamachiche rye, 100% Québec maple syrup and organic cascara (coffee bean husk). Simple ingredients that create anything but a simple spirit. Complex, soothing and intriguing.

ALC/VOL : 34%
BASE : 100% local Québec rye

NOSE : Notes of maple taffy, fig, mocha and rich spice. Rye present giving way to the sweet smell of maple. A hint of coffee.

PALATE : A balance between the base ingredients; rye, maple and coffee. Chocolate, fig, toffee with hints of coffee and light fruit. Complex and silky smooth reminding you of maple taffy on snow.

Honour the flavours of Québec and let this spirit waltz around your mouth leaving a warmth to remember.

NOTE: We cannot ship alcohol products to Quebec addresses.