A pleasing copper tone with highlights of yellow and gold hues set the stage for the pleasures that await.

On the nose your first impression will be the delicate aroma of toasted bread, candied fruit and savory spices; elevating your expectation for its obvious complexity.

Your first sip will immediately introduce the intrigue hidden within this whisky.

Allow your palate to savour autumn fruits; such as ripe apple and fall pear, followed by buttery salted caramel and delicately roasted nuts.

The finish will surprise you with brighter notes reminiscent of crisp apple and the sweetness of honeydew melon.

Journey from North to South and experience two great whisky traditions.

ALC/VOL : 43%

Rare. Unique. Very Limited.

DISTILLERY EXCLUSIVE : Buy 3 bottles (or more) and each bottle will be signed by Paul Cirka.

NOTE: We cannot ship alcohol products to Quebec addresses.