Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength Gin

In the 1800’s distillers proved their gin was suitable for British Royal Navy Officers by pouring their gin over gunpowder and igniting it! Our Navy Strength Gin is a contemporary twist with boosted citrus notes of sweet orange and lemongrass, then rested for two months in our corn whisky barrels for added roundness. A surprisingly smooth gin considering its high alcohol content.

ALC/VOL : 57.1%
BASE : 100% local Québec corn

NOSE : Citrus & floral with an end of spice. Lemongrass & elderflower notes are also quite present

PALATE : Citrus forward with a hint of spice and floral undertones. Notes of star anise are rounded out by the corn whisky barrel

Navy strength gin is at the origin of “100 British proof”, or 57% alcohol as we know it today due to distillersprovingtheir gin was suitable for the Navy by igniting gunpowder. Our Navy Strength Gin won a gold medal at the 2020 Gin Masters in London.

NOTE: We cannot ship alcohol products to Quebec addresses.