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Paul Cirka
(master distiller)

Michael Bublé
(superstar entertainer)

Max Shapira
(whiskey legend)

Light Hearted Superstar Entertainer Michael Bublé Collaborates with all too serious Paul cirka to create

Fraser & Thompson


This paragraph should be about Michael Bublé, his achievements, and his identity as a timeless sex symbol. Write something about him being VERY involved in the advertising. He is thinking about this campaign 24/7. He really wants it to be big and he will put the work in! Make up the quotes if you need to. It’s fine. We have time. I’m sure he’ll call us back eventually. Where is he right now, anyway? Try texting.

Second paragraph is about Paul Cirka, the Master Distiller and Blender. This part’s easy. Paul knows his shit. Michael refers to him as his “giant, loveable, whiskey nerd,” but nobody can know that because it may hurt Paul’s feelings. He hand-selected North American whiskeys for Fraser & Thompson. Smooth, sweet fig and blood orange on the nose. Subtle finish of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice. Etc., etc., etc. Sophistication. Epicurean taste. Luxury. I want big words here. THIS HAS TO SOUND IMPRESSIVE.

- yes, this is an excerpt from the official Fraser & Thompson website

Read the Rolling Stone article announcing Fraser & Thompson to the world.

our point of view on this collaboration

Fraser & Thompson Whiskey originated from a fortuitous connection between Michael Bublé and Paul Cirka, founder and master distiller at Cirka Distilleries, in the early days of the pandemic. Their partnership evolved into a shared vision to create a truly exceptional whiskey that embodies their passion for craftsmanship and quality. The pair teamed up with WES Brands and tapped into their experience, knowledge and industry success. After years of conversations, shared ideas and product variations, Fraser & Thompson Whiskey was nurtured into existence.

“For some time I’ve expressed a desire to sit with my fans in an intimate moment and share a glass of whiskey. To have an opportunity to develop my own brand is nothing short of thrilling,” said Michael Bublé. “Paul and I have a shared sense of creativity, I'm excited for the future of Fraser & Thompson.”

"At Cirka Distilleries, our goal has always been to craft memorable spirits that showcase our regional diversity and tell a story" said Paul Cirka. "The opportunity to collaborate with Michael Bublé on Fraser & Thompson has been exhilarating. Michael’s creativity and dedication to quality has driven the vision for this project and we are excited to be able to partner with him."

Read the article in La Presse announcing Fraser & Thompson in Québec.

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