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Michael Bublé could have approached any one of 300 Canadian craft distillers or realized his dream with one of the large multinational distilleries in Canada. Instead he partnered with Cirka Distilleries to create a whisky that fulfilled his vision of a quality product accessible by all.


Master baker meets master distiller

La Petite Boulangerie makes the most delicious baked goods in Montreal. Their skill and artistry will seduce you into devilish pleasure before you have a chance to question your decision. Decadence at its best. Thank you Jacques.

BEER & SPIRiTS - can it get any better?

A dark beer enhanced by the addition of our Navy Strength Gin, rested in our Navy Gin barrels. So good it sold out in less than 2 hours. They're making more. Our friends at Beauregard are as passionate as we are.

Helping our community during trying times

Anie Rouleau, Founder & CEO of The Unscented Company; our neighbour, marched into our distillery at the start of the pandemic and screamed 'we have to do something!'. This resulted in a close and heart felt collaboration to help our community by producing as much hand sanitizer as we could. Although the collaboration only lasted a few short months the memory of those moments will last a long time. Thank you The Unscented Company.

Local meet locale

Using our gin-infused cranberries leftover from the maceration of our Gin 375, the creative butchers at Boucherie Ça Va Barder make a dry cured - oh, so delicious - sausage using our cranberries and a splash or two of our Gin 375. A must on any charcuterie offering.

Sustainable Edibles

What we make is drinkable; but, we start with the best food grade corn and transform the carbohydrates into alcohol. What's left is still high quality corn but higher in protein and packed with flavour. Some distillers send this to pig farmers for feed. Some spread the waste on fields as additional organic matter. We decided to work with Rebon Quebec and transform this left over stillage into the most delicious grain crackers you can find. Pair them with Quebec cheese and a Chili Margarita cocktail and you're in heaven.

Big Business supporting small business

We created a custom look for KPMG’s top tier clients who wanted to showcase Montreal and our unique Gin 375 - a gin inspired by our vibrant city. It made their clients glow with appreciation.