Gin Sauvage

Gin Sauvage

Our Gin Sauvage is an expression of the wild aromatic treasures found throughout Québec’s forests. Infused with 33 botanicals, flavours mingle and intertwine creating a contemporary dry gin that is perfectly balanced and complex.

ALC/VOL : 44%
BASE : 100% local Québec corn

NOSE : Complex and elegant. Floral, fruit and pine notes are harmonious and balanced

PALATE : The complexity of the botanicals used deliver unique and wonderful flavour combinations. This gin has a velvety texture with a warm finish that gently coats the palate

A wonderfully unique gin. Once poured, leave the gin to rest in order to truly experience its complex nuances. Awarded gold at the Canadian Artisan Spirits in 2018 and a silver at the SIP Awards in 2017.

NOTE: We cannot ship alcohol products to Quebec addresses.